The Trick To Finding Real Estate Deals In Charleston

Dated: 11/02/2017

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WARNING: This article may save you thousands of dollars and change your life for the better. Please be advised.

In Charleston, houses are flying off the shelves faster than Tickle Me Elmo toys on Black Friday 1996. Simple economics will tell you that with that type of demand comes higher prices. But what if you weren't competing against anyone? What if you were the only one interested in the property? Eliminate high demand and you eliminate the high prices, right? 

I know what you're thinking; "Great idea, Mr. O'Neill. And how do you propose we do that? Do you have some magic trick up your sleeve to make a whole group of people disappear?" To that I say, first, cut the sarcasm and second, yes - yes, I do have a trick (didn't you read the title of the article?). Removing competition comes down to one simple thing: Off Market opportunities.

To all the real estate laymen (and laywomen) out there, an off market opportunity is a house that isn't listed for sale to the public's knowledge. I.e. it is for sale, but only a few (or maybe not any at all) people know about it. Now your question for me is, "How do we find these deals?" My answer to that is, again, a simple one, and I'll lay it out so it is as clear as possible:

1. You, or your real estate agent (preferably someone from the Brian Beatty Team) browse for some houses you like. Perhaps on the MLS, my website,, Zillow,, or any other avenue (including keeping an eye on houses you like as you drive around town). If you're working with a realtor (especially one from our Team), they will most likely have at least 10 or so off market opportunities that they are aware of, so remember that as well.

2. View these potentially high priced properties and see what ones tickle your fancy. Once you find one you like (for either living in yourself or using as an investment property) you do something very peculiar...are you ready?

3. This is where I come in. I need to reach out via phone or by knocking on their down of every other house in the neighborhood (that you might like) to see if they might be open to selling. You might be thinking, "Why go through this if I already found a place I like?" Again, this is all to eliminate competition and to DRIVE PRICES DOWN!

4. I will almost certainly find the people who have been thinking about selling their home, but never took the plunge for one reason or another. But now that someone is walking up to their door, willing to buy their house without all the showings, marketing, and hassle, they will be ready to make a deal.

And the best part of this whole thing is that YOU HAVE NO COMPETITION because we went the extra mile to find you that deal. You see, that's what the Brian Beatty Team is all about - taking it to the next level to care for our clients. That's why we have over 100 reviews on our Zillow page, some of which rave about this exact practice. 

Can you use a lazy real estate agent to browse the MLS and pull something out of a hat that you might love? Absolutely. But by working with an experienced and dedicated Team (like us) and by using this PROVEN METHOD, you can find a place that you love all the same for a much cheaper price. That's just one example of what WE CAN DO FOR YOU! Call me today at 843-580-1814 to further discuss this method or to chat about anything real estate related! Happy house hunting!

Samuel ONeill

Sam O'Neill is an Inside Sales Agent for the Brian Beatty Real Estate Team. After earning his degree from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, Sam began his sales career with the Atlanta Braves, w....

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